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Through Phantom Eyes

Volume Six—Unmasked Hearts

Theodora Bruns

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Belletristik / Hauptwerk vor 1945


It is July 1881 in Paris, France, as a deformed musical savant awakens in a morphine-induced fog and realizes his suicide attempt has been unsuccessful. Although it frightens him to think he has to live again and try to correct his erring ways, Erik begins to formulate a plan that he hopes will provide him with a chance at a new life and the one thing he is craving most of allacceptance. After he reconnects with his love, Christine, they flee Paris, hopefully without detection. His plan is to escape the authorities and his rival, Raoul, and hide. After the traumatic life he has led, all Erik wants to do is live in peace with Christine. However, it seems the curse that Erik believes is shadowing him is not willing to let him rest. Even as the curse causes one obstacle after another, Erik remarkably finds a way to overcome each challenge. But will he ever be able to truly keep the curse at bay and live a serene life with Christine? In this continuing historical saga, a musical scholar leaves his old life behind and escapes Paris with a beautiful woman in the hope of shedding a curse and finding inner peace and love. Bruns is a masterful storyteller who skillfully crafts a world that is vivid and engrossing (Susan Rueppel, PhD).