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Beyond the Himalayas

A Travelogue of Dolpo and Mustang of Nepal

Prateek Dhakal

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Ratgeber / Sammeln, Sammlerkataloge


Even most Nepalese people have not ventured into the Dolpo and Mustang regions, which are highlighted in this travelogue. Prateek Dhakal, the countrys most renowned travelouge writer, reveals the beautiful scenery of these regions, beginning with a helicopter ride where he sees cliffs, valleys, forests, rivers, and rivulets sprouting from narrow valleys. Only occasionally does he see human settlements. It is mostly cliffs and hills. Once on the ground, he sees some villages mired in poverty. Children run around in torn clothes amid heaps of fresh stools. But other places are beautiful, like one village with a grand and majestic lake. Theres a sign in two languagesNepali and Englishby the lake that reads, Lord Buddha resides in this sacred lake. Please do not contaminate the lake. He sees women fetching water in pitchers from the lake, and it is pristine. Join the author as he crosses dozens of rivers and countless valleys and enjoys breathtaking scenery in Beyond the Himalayas.