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The Past’S Present

Barbara Boyd Gorton

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


Bridgette is the mother of adult children whose problems she has taken on as her own, for far too long. As she finally allows herself to stop making their problems hers, she embraces the present and looks forward to finding new interests and doing new things. What she has no way of knowing, is that the timing is perfect for a culminating event dating back hundreds of years. The catalyst for this is an actor, Hunter Stephens. After seeing the latest Hunter movie with a friend, Bridgette confesses to her friend, about the growing obsession she has to learn all she can about Hunter. Her friend suggests there could be an ancestral or spiritual connection that needs to be explored. Perhaps their paths crossed during another lifetime. Over the next two years, Bridgette and her friend put together the pieces of the puzzle. Someone or something from the past is manipulating Bridgette to continue her fascination with Hunter, to accomplish a goal. But what is the goal? When Bridgette learns that she and Hunter might be linked by a present from the past that goes back to Mary, Queen of Scots, she is lead down a mysterious path to find the truth about the gift and, determine whether her destiny is linked, somehow, to Hunter Stephens. In this fascinating tale, a womans inexplicable fascination with a movie actor takes her on a journey to find the truth. Could they be connected through their ancestry?



Scottish, historical, spirits, ghosts, romance, Actors, mystery, obsession, Queen, love