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The Mind Is a Battlefield

Break Free from the Shackles

Cynthia Ousley-Garey

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When you dont know how to fight, and when youre fighting with all the wrong weapons, the advances of your enemies will pose a significant challenge. You lose strength, you lose faith, and you lose confidence, not knowing how to fight back against your attackers. But the battles and the war can still be wonyou just have to learn how to fight the war Gods way. The Mind Is a Battlefield: Break Free from the Shackles is designed to help you fight spiritual battles by using the power of Gods Word. By applying Gods Word, you will discover how to wield the only weapon you need to win every war. And whether these wars are fought mentally, physically, or spiritually, the Bible can show you the proven, God-given strategies to overcome doubt, pain, guilt, unforgiveness, and so much more of the enemys deceits and temptations. Dont allow the war youre going through to cause you to get sidetracked and detoured while you pursue the righteous objectives and purposes of God for your life. This detour can consume you and lead you on a path of destruction, so put on the armor of God, wield the sword of his Word, and be victorious in a world filled with chaos and deceitfulness.

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