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Chosen to Be a Vessel

A Memoir

Grace Knesek

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A story that celebrates family and friends, Chosen to Be a Vessel, by author Grace Knesek, offers a series of reflections and stories culled from throughout her lifetime. Written at different time periods, Knesek shows how Gods grace showered her amid valleys and joyous mountaintops. It tells how she acquired her faith and trust in Jesus Christ when faced with troubling circumstances by communicating the feeling of her heart filled with joy. Ranging from memories of her youth on the farm to spending time with her grandchildren, this memoir presents insight into a Christian womans world. Wise, gentle, and positive, Chosen to Be a Vessel, includes a compilation of books, scrapbooks, family, pictures, special quotes, and recipes gathered from one womans sometimes-challenging life. In this recollection, Knesek has created a lasting gift for the present and future generations of her friends and family.

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nostalgic, family, memoir, inspiration, caretaker, grandmothers