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Chasing Summer

How Many Shoes Has My Soul Walked In?

S. L. Garber-Ortiz

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


For the better part of her life, Lynn has concealed her true identity, but now her past is catching up with her. But that’s only one of her concerns. Who is the little girl haunting Lynn, pushing her to the edge of a nervous breakdown? Then there’s the matter of her mother’s death, the cremation—and the missing ashes. To unravel the mystery, Lynn enlists a psychotherapist to help. And while she reconciles her past and reclaims her life, a peculiar request in her brother’s will places her on the path of A Hero’s Journey. Despite Lynn’s disbelief in the afterlife, she becomes the unwitting steward of her mother and brother’s lost souls when a sequence of provocative dreams and a few fortuitous encounters intersect to set a divine comedy in motion across the Mediterranean, Indonesia, Egypt, and South America. Though, one mystery remains unsolved—one that will uncover the truths of her soul. Until a serendipitous message leads her to her final crossing.

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making healthy lifestyle choices, forgive, self-healing, How To: survive your mother and family dysfunction, Spirituality, Self-Help: recovery from substance abuse, self-actualization, dream analysis