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Earth Force

The Beginning of the Five

Steve Rozek

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Joey, Laura, Christopher, Michael, and Kristy are twelve-year-olds with unique abilities. Michael is strong, Joey is fast, Kristy can heal others, and Christopher and Laura can move things just by thinking about them. Yet they are unaware of the power that germinates inside them and why they can do special things. Deep within the earth, however, are creatures who know why they have incredible abilities. One evil group of these creatures, the Demoneyes, will stop at nothing to possess them. After tragically falling into the inner-earth one morning, the children find themselves welcomed into a dangerous and fascinating world by the Changeons, decent ancient beings who have anticipated their arrival for centuries. As the Changeons teach the youngsters how to survive and grow, the Demoneyes work to capture them. While experiencing adventures and challenges, the children become stronger. When they are finally sent back to the earths surface, they are no longer the same. They are Earth Force Five, protectors of all who righteously inhabit the planet. But just as their destiny officially begins, the Demoneyes become more determined than ever in their pursuit. In this young adult novel, five children with unique abilities fall into a strange new realm where they learn their destinies are mysteriously linked.

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Family, Fantasy, Monsters, Adventure, Heros, Special Powers, Teen, super heros, Children, Fiction, Magic, Action