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How to Change Your Body and Life

Bilyana Stoeva

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As a little girl, author Bilyana Stoeva was active, involved in sports, and didnt worry about weight. But when she became a teenager, her body changed, and she gained weight and didnt feel healthy. Stoeva lived like that for a few years until she realized she needed to do something about it. In Bodychanger, she shares the story of her lifestyle change and offers advice and inspiration for others facing the same challenges. In this memoir and self-help guide, she tells how she got started, how she stayed motivated, and how she changed her life through healthy living and exercising. Stoeva incorporates photos of her body transformation; samples of exercises and training routines for beginners, advanced, and pros; and examples of supplements and diets, with healthy, homemade recipes included. Bodychanger provides firsthand insight into one womans journey and supports those who are seeking to lose weight, work out, and become healthier.



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