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Esa’S Fables

Ricardo Giuliani

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Esas Fables is an insightful collection of original poems designed to take readers on a unique spiritual journey into an altered state of mind and timeless revelations set in past, present, and future environmentsall aligned as one and the same as words flow line after line, uninterrupted, into expansive, ethereal dimensions in timeless space. Enlightened minds from the onset of human evolution have continued to create an understanding for self-aligned reality and to sensibly reflect upon an ever-changing emotional climate restricted by endless confusion in its three-dimensional existence. Life gives natural cause of existence by learning reality as it is not as it is portrayed in conventional thinking or strewn across spiritual corridors in sadistic encounters for seemingly endless centuriessuch is not true reality, only self-centered deception.



thoughts, poetry, human reality, poems