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Dee Marconi

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


In the nineteen seventies, America becomes a place Lori doesn’t recognize. A revolution begins, and people rebel against authority. They’re anti-war, instead choosing peace, love, and sexual freedom. The need to fit in and go along with society’s rules is replaced with the desire to be an individual, marching to a unique tune. Lori is twenty-seven, a married mother of two, when she and her husband decide to separate in this haze of free love. Brad wants his wife to submit to the old-fashioned ideology, while he wants to experiment with society’s new direction. He lies and cheats, expecting her to remain a faithful, obedient wife, submitting to his demands. Imagine his surprise when Lori embraces rebellion and leaves Brad behind—but nothing is that easy. In a small town filled with small-minded people, gossip runs rampant as Lori travels her own brave path. She is determined to keep her children, no matter how difficult it’s going to be. Lori’s world is changing, and she is ready to be an empowered modern woman.

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society, romance, revenge, action, jealousy