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Reconstructing Happy

How to Use Your Divorce as an Opportunity to Build a Better You

Heather Tannenbaum

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When author Heather Tannenbaum’s fifteen-year marriage to a divorce lawyer ended, she struggled to come to terms with her new normal. Reconstructing Happy began simply as part of her therapeutic process. She later realized she held the capacity to help others turn their divorce into an opportunity to rebuild a stronger, happier, and healthier version of themselves. Addressing a variety of divorce issues, Tannenbaum offers her heartfelt, real, and raw story of navigating her first year of divorce and separation. She includes expert advice on how to cope with the challenges and emotional rollercoaster of adjusting to your new life. In addition, Reconstructing Happy serves as your guide to the business of divorce, providing helpful tips from divorce professionals on how to find a lawyer and how to use your lawyer along with expert financial advice, this book will help you achieve your best results. Written by a forty-something-year-old mom of two who found herself starting over Reconstructing Happy narrates insight, tells personal tales, and gives practical tips to help not only ease your transition into your new happily ever after, but to assist you in rebuilding a better, stronger, happier you.

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