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A Rare Jewel / Blackberry Bowl

Jo N Roger

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Ratgeber / Familie


A Rare Jewel is about Jewel Sherman, a young female NJ private detective with a plan to pose as Fred Gearhard’s (a CA cop) fiancée to help him catch the family member who has murdered her grandfather in California. Her grandfather was a philanthropist who bought up blocks of dilapidated city slums. And under the supervision of Sgt. Fred Gearhard, during his off-duty times, the property was turned into nice homes for veterans. Jewel is positive the killer has to be a family member, and her ruse is so the family would speak freely around the sergeant in charge of the homicide investigation. Blackberry Bowl is about a young lady who refused to sell her island to a lowlife who wanted it for criminal activities. She is drugged and thrown from a plane into a crater lake. She survives the fall with amnesia and a broken leg. Rescuing herself several months later in the hospital; she regains her memory, and the rest is a good story.

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mild sex, Oregon, underccover homicide det., Romance, murder mystery, amnesia