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Grandpa’s Notes

60 Years of Grandpa Chuck’s Notes and Tips on New Possibilities, Opportunities, Dreams, Families, Athletics, Coaching, and Business for Baby Boomers to Gen Z’Ers

Chuck Cotton

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Author Chuck Cotton started his first business when he was just thirteen years old, a boy growing up in a small town in southern Illinois. Though he faced a host of challenges, the boy persevered and grew into a man who found success in a variety of businesses. From the time Cotton was a youngster, he’s carried a pen and blank three–by–five notecards in his pocket. He recorded a variety of thoughts and subject matter onto these cards. In Grandpa’s Notes, he compiles his inspiring collection and offers advice and maxims culled from his more than sixty years of life experiences. A God-given gift, his writings include tips and strategies to increase wealth and welfare in day-to-day living. Offering optimism and hope to all, Grandpa’s Notes shares helpful strategies, experiences, and philosophies aimed to help others excel and have joy in their earthly lives and prepare them for eternity.



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