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Right Choice

Empower Students to Create Their Own Safe Environment

Jeanette Bradley M. Ed.

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Schule und Lernen / Nachschlagewerke


This Plan of Action section will present the basic concepts of the Right Choice Program. The suggestions for how to begin and then carry out the program are presented. Part IV deals with Right Choice implementation. Since one of the basic concepts is that discipline needs to be taught, the teacher needs to set aside time each day to teach the lessons of the Right Choice Program. The lessons are written as prompts and suggestions to teach the meaning of the concepts. The teacher can elaborate or divide the lessons into small sections as needed to best suit the class’s needs. Teachers need to be sure that the students understand the concept being presented and then give them the opportunity to practice what is being taught. The first thing the teacher needs to establish is his expectations in his classroom. It can never be assumed that students know how to act or what to do in every situation.



Safe environment, Conflict/ bullying, Classroom management, Discipline, Positive class climate, Class disruptions