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Bits and Pieces

Thoughts from a Life in Poetry and Prose

Joyce Henefield Coleman

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Everyone’s life is a story. A story of a journey through joy and sadness, winning and losing, good health and illness, love and hate. The challenge is to navigate through life and to remain the person you were meant to be. To embrace life with all its joys and problems and to make it a source for goodness, love, beauty, and happiness for yourself and for others. Joyce Henefield Coleman has always found comfort in the written word, especially in poetry. She has loved poetry for her entire life and now chooses to tell her story using said medium. Bits and Pieces is a collection that reflects upon her life experiences with the goal of helping others see their lives as stories just waiting to be told. She explores the pain of loss in “To Josh.” In “Wild Paint,” she admires the freedom and beauty of a running horse. She expounds in wonder over new birth in “Angel Child,” and bemoans the difficulty of getting along in “Peace.” All her life, Joyce has been enriched by the power of poetry. She wishes the same for readers with the help of this warm collection that blends sweetness, tragedy, and inspirational imagery.

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Poetry, Inspirational