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Theory of Death


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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


In 1977, the Heart Break Killer haunted Brooklyn. Victims were found stabbed in the chest with a cartoon heart carved sickeningly into their skin. The serial killer was Elliot Hurley, and a policeman responding to a disturbance call killed her just as she completed her final murder—although some suspect there was a cover up. Ten years later, young Oliver Hann moves to Brooklyn to attend a prestigious police academy. He writes a paper outlining the story of 1977, and his doubts about the veracity of it, so his professor invites Oliver to join the Theory Club, in which brilliant students spin theories about murder and mayhem. When a young woman is discovered in a bush, killed in the same way as victims in 1977, it appears that the Heart Break Killer has returned from the grave. Oliver and his Theory Club friends take to the streets to find the copycat killer, exposing the cover-up and solving a decade old mystery.

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80s, Vigilante, Young Adult, Action, Police, Adult, Serial Killer, Mystery, Thriller, Crime, LGBTQ+