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Chasing the Dream

Journey of a Poor Boy from Fiji

Mahesh P. Raj

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When Mahesh P. Raj was born in 1947 in a small village in Fiji, he weighed less than four pounds and was not expected to survive. Even though his mother faced tremendous hardship and poverty, she painstakingly fed him drop by drop until he would suck a bottle on his own. In Chasing the Dream, Raj shares his life story—from his birth to his retirement—telling how he grew up extremely poor but worked hard and eventually became a successful Canadian businessman through determination, perseverance, and passion. Providing chronological details about his childhood, his family and upbringing, and his life as a refugee, this memoir narrates how Raj both survived and thrived despite the lack of a formal education. Chasing the Dream offers insight into one man’s life and how he overcame early disadvantages to live a fulfilling life.

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Life Lessons, Survival, Determination, Life Experience