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West - by God - Virginia

Appalachia Reflections

Dan Light

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Belletristik / Humor, Satire, Kabarett


West - by God - Virginia is a homestyle patchwork of tales and recollections that vividly celebrate and embrace the people and culture of West Virginia and Appalachia. It’s not just the geophysical challenges, the nuance of the dialect, the value system, or the social aspects of human contact that create the culture of Appalachia. Instead, it is all that and much more. Like most of the Appalachian region, West Virginia’s heart beats with a rhythm of unassuming, practical, and country-fried character just waiting to be appreciated and celebrated. Within a compilation of stories shared for both hill-bred natives and furriners, Dan Light reflects the savoir-fare of Appalachia-in-the-heart while providing an entertaining overview of life in West Virginia. Through the intriguing personalities and places of West Virginia and Appalachia, others will experience a snake-handling church service, confront various local legendary monsters, venture into the coal mines, enjoy a ramp feed, attempt to escape a backwoods panther, run from an approaching train in a railroad tunnel, and travel with a circuit riding preacher.

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recollections, tales, Appalachian, West Virginia