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Gone to Suicide

A Mom’s Truth on Heartbreak, Transformation, and Prevention

Ann Clark

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Suicide is soul-crushing for the survivors left behind. This book gives an inside look at the heartbreak and devastation that a Colorado mother experienced after her seventeen-year old son took his own life. By being transparent about her son Brant’s tragic death, author Ann Clark hopes to help reduce the silence, shame, and secrecy that surround suicide. Included in this book are examples of Clark’s efforts to warn others about the role that marijuana played in her son’s death. Brant had a psychotic break immediately after heavy use of THC-marijuana, and this led to his suicide. All the most important, yet widely under-reported scientific research about marijuana is documented in this book. There is a national crisis when it comes to mental health care, and the suicide rate in the US continues to increase at an alarming rate. Gone to Suicide offers many insights for both suicide prevention and for survivor recovery. Through the author’s relentless pursuit to understand her son’s death, this book explores the transformative power in extreme loss, and reveals how pain and sorrow can actually lead us to our purpose for being alive.

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