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A Revelation of Life Endeavors

Gangs for Jesus

Thomas Jr Rembert

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Christentum


A Revelation of Life Endeavors is a book about finding solutions to the myriad of Secular Problems that we face in Society from dealing with deviant sexual behavior like abortions, Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Same Sex Marriages, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Drugs of all types and Description, Corruption in Churches and Government as well as all types of crime in addition to wars, rumors of Wars and Propaganda leading to Wars. What should we do about the complexities of this complex society where just a small Spark could trigger A Nuclear War that could destroy the World. How do we deal with Immigration, Separation of children from their parents, Mass Shootings in our schools and many of our communities, Poor Education in our schools and more and more young men being sent to prisons How do we handle all of this. Is the Government the solution? I am afraid not because we, the People are the Solution. I believe a Total Spiritual Revolution is needed to change the fabric of thinking in our society and it must begin with The Church. The Church must be reformed to return to its Glory when Jesus Christ ascended into Heaven and left the Church behind as the guiding Force for the Morality of mankind. We have long since departed from that role as the Church has been so watered down that Man’s Laws has almost replaced God’s Laws. Nothing is Sacred anymore, so I am afraid we are heading into a Sodom and Gommorah existence.. What can we do about it is the question. Our Organization, .Gangs For Jesus is our Solution. It teaches three Basic Principles; 1. Learn To be Humble. 2. Don’t Worship Money and Glamor and 3. Repent and Live or Stay Wicked and Die. Follow us @ and also on Facebook What are you Views?

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Repentance, Motivation, Accountability, Self Sufficiency, Self Improvement, High Aspiration, Sexual Morality, Humble, Education, Preparation, Responsibility, High Achievement