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Butter, Garlic, Mayonnaise, and Alcohol

Jeffrey L. Sulek

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Jeffrey Sulek utilizes four main ingredients while creating delectable dishes in his home kitchen, where he believes the best parties always begin and end. Sulek, as a child watched his Polish grandmother cook on a wood stove, relies on his learning experiences at the Culinary Institute of America as well as his own experiences to share favorite recipes gathered over the years. His tasty recipes lead home cooks and lovers of food down a path of diverse deliciousness that includes coney dog chili, pork ribs, roast lamb, andouille sausage, black raspberry pie, and white chocolate peanut butter balls as well as instructions on how to make drink accompaniments like sangrita, Irish cream, and coffee liqueur. Included are a list of basic rules to follow while in the kitchen and a reference to measurements. Butter, Garlic, Mayonnaise, and Alcohol shares recipes from a former professional chef that encourage home cooks of all experience levels to create mouthwatering dishes in their kitchen.

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Sweets, Garlic, Soups, Cocktails, Mayonnaise, Butte, Spicy, Charcuterie, Sauces, Alcohol