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The Making of a Us Marine Scholar

The Aftermath

The Marine Scholar

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This book was begun in 2010, and was published in 2012. It has now been recast into three volumes in 2019-2020- each one career segments an adventurous career. It begins with over 20 years as a career Marine and a family acquired of three children, seven grandchildren and a wife who drove the entire process and made it work This family move over 20 times and in to Durham, NC for a Doctor of Education at Duke University, and to become possibly the first Marine officer to complete the Marine Corps sponsored program. We retired after two wonderful years on the faculty of the Naval war College in Newport R.I. After two years in Greenville SC again, it was off to Texas for an appointment at the University of Texas at Austin and finally as a distinguished University professor, at NC State University. At each stop in higher education applying and implementing all I had learned as director of the Instructional Management School and Dean of academics as the Marine Corps Educational Center in Quantico, VA and in The National Laboratory for Higher Education.. After a full career in the Marine Corps and 24 years of teaching in various communities, we retired again to Greenville, SC and worked an additional 10 years consulting and working as a coach in the Achieving the Dream project, partially funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The ribbon of the three books is the culmination of about a half century in educational leadership positions and as well in two tours in combat in the US Marine Corps. There is much to learn in my life’s story. I hope if you try one you’ll get the entire set. You cannot go wrong should you desire to become a leader, or a better leader regardless of your career,

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Own your story, Cash of cultures, Promotion and tenure, Conflict resolution, Team building, Professional Bureaucracy, Teaching teachers, Measurable change, Risk and rewards, Educational Leadership, Long term rewards, Surviving in the bear pit