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The Eleventh Commandment:

Thou Shalt Not Defraud Thy Nation

Ejike R. Egwuekwe

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


he exhorts against fraud. Here, he scares the opinion that even though Slave trade, Scramble and Partition as Colonialism had come- and gone the impact of those social vices are still being felt. He indicates that people still hide under the canopy (and/or shadow) of such vices and use those .as excuses for the socio-politico-economic problems ravaging our nations. He suggests that it is time to let go of the past and move forward. That, it is time to divest ourselves of the spirit of atomism, and imbibe ourselves with the spirit of collectivism and thereby work together towards identifying the various particles of problems that have thus far conglomerated in submerging our nations in economic backwardness. He strongly advocates that it is time to emancipate ourselves from mental encumbrances and thereby realize that we are the only ones who can save our nations from economic squalor. But, he maintains that while he does not profess to have gotten all the (right) answers to our economic and socio-politico anomalies, the suggestions contained herein are a pointer in the right direction and only a mere attempt in that regard.

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Socio-political problems, Political economy, African social structure, Third World economic problems, Socio-economic problems facing most countries, Third World economic dilemma