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A Families Betrayal

Monica Owens

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Belletristik / Dramatik


Love. Most people might say that family is love, or the personification of love, and that your family are the ones who are supposed to love you more than anyone in the world. Marla, who lived in the small town of Mount Vernon, Illinois, was book-smart, street-smart, and a hustler. She had to learn all of the negative ways of life in order to survive. Even if she was careful, she still had to deal with people who were mentally unstable, who had a twisted and hopeless state of mind.Travel through the sex, secrets, drugs, lies, and betrayal that Marla had to endure as a child and as an adult from her family. Come explore and survive the pain, laughter, and anger that Marla feels trapped in. Is it a matter of healing, or of getting even?

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Inspirational, Life, Betrayal