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Masters of Life and Universe

A concept about instant self-replicating towns and cell (micro)robots.

Pawel Kozycz

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / ÷kologie


A very provocative concept book. Stunning growth opportunities as well as apocalyptic threats in the use of cloned like-virus self-replicating technology for the protection and development of our life as well as for a super-expedient fast development of our civilization. " Moon" self- replicating toy town robotic zones surrounded by heavy security minefields - if experiments go out of control.
The book is about looking for holy grail on ...the moon or “moon” zones ( on the Earth) as a basis for making tools of creation for support of our life and a whole environment according to the power of the whole nature of the universe.
The proposal and concept are about copying natural development pathways – cloning, cell self-replicating robot technology- to better interact with nature, while simultaneously developing prospects for the development of our biological, technological, economic, social life here and throughout the whole space, now and in the future. ,also  "100 verses for life and matter re-creation", "Neo creation of life and space/matter".

Pawel Kozycz - Independent futuristic writer. Project about new concepts of use economically, technologically tools for reshaping environment for ecologic and development goals by space explorations, medical matters. Books " Masters of life and universe", "100 verses for life and space re-creation", "Neo Creation of Life and Space/Matter or Bricks of Micro Drone Revolution". Studied pedagogic, technology, economy, administration, law, politic at various academies and universities.

This “brainstorm” book is to widen up horizons on our existence, but not quite in a philosophical way. You may be more inspired by innovations proposals that deal with climate towards fundaments for modern civilization. This includes everyone and the entire environment including his surrounding space as well. This book is an interplay of economic, technological, ecological, and crucial factors of our immediate environment that interferes with our biological existence.
Innovative socio-technological evangelism (view of evolution) or good news with signposts can literally shape your own future in your own environment and life. 

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