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The New Era in U.S. National Security

Challenges of the Information Age

Jack A. Jarmon

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Politikwissenschaft


The purpose of The New Era in U.S. National Security: Challenges of the Information Age is to make its readers aware of how the tensions between opposing forces from above and below influence world events and shape U.S. national security institutions. The debt trap now being experienced by the developing world has unleashed global migration on a mass scale. In a world where market forces are politically unaccountable, crime will prosper, and its linkage to organizing social structures is organic. The nexus between corrupt politicians, transnational business, and cross-border crime pulls tighter.

Meanwhile, the structures of global governance are immature. Differences of agreement over international norms and controls regarding the use of the Internet, and the laws pertaining to the deployment of cyber weapons are illusive - if not insurmountable. The chasm between the rich and poor is widening and deepening. Hostilities continue mount.

In this book, Jack A. Jarmon offers a survey of the altering landscape of warfare and competition. Using recent events and documented experiences as examples, it reveals truths about the threat from criminals, terrorists, hostile governments, and internal vulnerabilities. The nation’s exposure invites attack with every hour. Rather than an abstract threat, these unseen and unreported assaults land blows to our information networks, infrastructure, quality of life, and democratic system.