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Global Communication

A Multicultural Perspective

Yahya R. Kamalipour (Hrsg.)

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Global Communication: A Multicultural Perspective, Third Edition brings together diverse issues and expert perspectives of twenty-two notable and accomplished communication scholars, representing eight countries around the world. Together they discuss international communication, public relations and advertising, cultural implications of globalization, international law and regulation, transnational media, the shifting politics of media, trends in communication and information technology, and much more.

The Third Edition is fully updated to reflect major events that have impacted our global communication environment. Three new chapters on “global journalism” and “gender, ethnicity, and religion,” and “Shifting Politics in Global Media and Communication” have been added to make this volume more comprehensive. This book will help students understand the emergence of globalization and its effects on a worldwide scale.


  • Contributors represent Canada, Croatia, Holland, India, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, and the United States.
  • End-of-chapter questions are updated and intended to stimulate classroom discussion.
  • An expanded key terms and acronyms used in the book are included.
  • An updated and comprehensive list of suggested readings provides students and instructors further information about the issues covered in this book.

Helpful Internet links to information relevant to topics discussed are suggested throughout the book.

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Media and society, New media and digital communication, Media law, Intercultural communication, Global and international communication, Global Media systems