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Changing Times

Transforming Culture and Behaviors for Law Enforcement

Frank Mielke, Charles Kocher

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Many times, the police are the first to respond to an individual in crisis; even those involving mentally ill. While we see evidence of positive change, there are still shortcomings when it comes to criminal justice response in the behavioral health system. There is a lack of access, availability, continuity, coordination, and responsiveness. But we see accomplishments to changes in attitudes and behaviors, through such programs like Crisis Intervention Specialist Training, CIT Training and Mental Health First Aid which have been well received.

Changing Times: Transforming Culture and Behaviors for Law Enforcement proposes a shift to divert those in a behavioral health crisis away from incarceration and into treatment, as well as invites Law Enforcement intervention away from the criminal justice system and into treatment. The authors successfully blend the theoretical with hands-on experience throughout the book, enabling the reader to understand the influences of Law Enforcement’s tradition and other forces that drive attitudes, culture and behavior and how to bring change.

The additional and difficult task ahead is to bring about systemic change in culture and a concurrent change in attitudes and behaviors. Changing Times proves to be the reliable and accessible reference for those intent on bringing change to the vital effort of diversion.

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