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Music Production

A Manual for Producers, Composers, Arrangers, and Students

Michael Zager

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In an age when the recording industry is undergoing its most radical change in over half a century, the guidance of a skilled music producer is quickly becoming indispensable for producing a great recording.

Music Production: A Manual for Producers, Composers, Arrangers, and Students, Third Edition serves as a comprehensive road map for navigating the continuous transformations in the music industry and music production technologies. From dissecting compositions to understanding studio technologies, from coaching vocalists and instrumentalists to arranging and orchestration, from musicianship to marketing, advertising, and promotion, Michael Zager takes us on a tour of the world of music production and the recording industry, helping students and professionals keep pace with this rapidly changing profession.

This third edition features:

  • New interviews with eminent industry professionals
  • Updated information on current trends in producing popular music and the impacts of the Music Modernization Act
  • Additional material on video game music
  • End-of-chapter assignments for course usage

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