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What Everyone Should Know about Treating Symptoms of Male Hormone Imbalance

Anna Maria Clement, Brian R. Clement

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Women are not the only ones who suffer the consequences of declining hormone levels and associated symptoms. The Clements help men understand their own aging and changing bodies to help them better navigate the changes and still maintain vitality.

This book is a man’s education manual about the health effects of hormone imbalance, but just as importantly, it’s a must-read for the women in their life, since it is often the women who inspire and coax men to break through their denial and seek help when they encounter health challenges.

That cluster of mid-life hormonal declines is a significant life challenge which all men will eventually face, yet very few of them even realize the condition exists, much less that the vexing symptoms they experience can be remedied.

Male menopause (MAN-opause) is a little reported and little understood phenomenon causing irritability, anger, depression, fatigue, weight gain, sexual dysfunction. It is affecting men at younger ages and for far longer in life than ever before. Science has confirmed this emerging phenomenon.

Using the latest medical science findings, MAN-opause explains in understandable language how any man---with or without a woman’s participation--can take proactive steps, at any stage of life, to neutralize the impact of andropause and its wide range of debilitating and disturbing symptoms.

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