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Digging through History Again

New Discoveries from Atlantis to the Holocaust

Richard A. Freund

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Pädagogik


Digging through History Again: New Discoveries from Atlantis to the Holocaust follows archaeologist Richard Freund's journey through some of the most fascinating archaeological sites of human history—including the mysterious Atlantis, Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls, a medieval synagogue in northern Spain and the long-buried Holocaust camp Sobibor and long-neglected sites of the Holocaust. Each chapter takes readers through a different archaeological site, showing what we can learn about past religious life and religious faith through the artifacts found there, as well as what has given each site such strong "staying power" over time. It also highlights the technological developments in geoscience and archaeology of the last 25 years that allows us to uncover more with less time, expense. and labor while observing the sensitivities associated with Jewish traditions.

Digging Through History Again further explores just how expansive the lost Atlantis Civilization really is, expands upon information known about the Dead Sea Scrolls and the newly discovered caves where more scrolls will be found, and uncovers new excavations of the death camp of Sobibor, the secrets of the Warsaw Ghetto and escapes from Sobibor, Ponar, and, Fort IX that will help set a standard for future archaeology of the Holocaust.

Richard Freund and the research in
Digging through History are featured in the National Geographic documentary Atlantis Rising, which premiered on National Geographic in 2017 and a documentary follows Oscar-winning executive producer James Cameron and Emmy-winning filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici as they investigate the myths and realities of Atlantis. The chapter on the “Archaeology of Jewish Resistance during the Holocaust” is also a part of the new television documentary “Resistance: They Fought Back” set to air in 2023. Digging through History is the only book that details Freund’s groundbreaking research on Atlantis and on Jewish resistance during the Holocaust that is featured in the films.

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