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Insights and Tips for Teenagers

Christie Cognevich

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Adolescent depression is often dismissed as a normal teenage experience, a bad mood, or something to outgrow. This is far from the truth, and it’s important that young adults and their families and friends understand how crucial it is to address any social, emotional, and physical difficulties they are having.

Depression: Insights and Tips for Teenagers offers relatable situations and strategies to guide young adults struggling with mental health. It includes how to identify signs of struggle, recognize stress factors, and strategies to escape harmful mental habits which can leave individuals feeling vulnerable, helpless, or in despair. This book also helps young adults who want to better understand their mental-emotional processes and grow their ability to cope with life’s many difficulties. It includes examples of mood and stress trackers to help teenagers feel more empowered over their emotions and guides them through building skills for their mental and emotional toolbox.

Filled with real life stories,
Depression illustrates a wide range of stressors and emotional difficulties faced by teenagers. Written by a longtime educator who experienced adolescent depression and now works with teenagers on a daily basis, this book offers insight and hope from an accessible, non-clinical voice.

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