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Using Technology in the Library Workplace

An Introduction for Support Staff

Marie Keen Shaw

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Libraries today, regardless of their type or location, are reliant on technology. Almost every process or procedure in the library is dependent upon skilled use of computers, hardware, and software. Integrated library and discovery systems enable patrons to manage activities such as creating lists and holds, to perform self-checkout, and to search multiple library catalogs and databases simultaneously.

This text is written for the library support staff who are the backbone of technology success. Each chapter provides a practical overview of how the technology advances library services. With abundant examples of how to apply the technology in real situations, it is an essential handbook for students entering into the library profession as well as for those who seek to become more confident and competent with these technologies and more:

  • Computer hardware and peripherals
  • Integrated Library and Discovery systems
  • Software applications
  • Open Source
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile applications
  • Networking Infrastructure
  • Online Meetings
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Digital media equipment
  • STEM/STEAM Makerspaces
  • Coding and Robotics
  • Cybersecurity

The Library Support Staff series is aimed for staff that work in libraries and want to enhance their skills, college professors who teach library support staff instruction, and students who seek new learning in the library profession. Each book in the series addresses a specific topic in an academic curriculum for library support staff. Content of each book in the series is aligned with American Library Association competencies for accredited programs and learning for library support staff (ALA-LSSC). The text is written in clear language with practical examples of how performance can contribute to exemplary library service.



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