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Living with Hard Times

Europeans in the Great Recession

Marco Giugni, Maria Grasso

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Politikwissenschaft


Living with Hard Times: Europeans in the Great Recession provides a new, comprehensive comparative study of the socio-political effects of the Great Recession amongst European citizens. It presents a detailed investigation of heterogeneity in the population within countries with respect to how citizens made sense of the crisis and how this situation impacted their livelihoods, outlooks and political engagement. Marco Giugni and Maria Grasso analyse citizens’ experiences during the economic crisis, the decline of living standards and deprivation by structural location as well as differences in economic outlooks. They also examine the ways in which citizens from different social groups were resilient to the effects of the economic crisis. Moreover, they show how social support and social capital emerging from social relations contributed to resilience in the face of the crisis. This book explores citizen attitudes towards various welfare policies and towards immigration, and it shows how support for populist parties is differentiated within the population. Finally, Living with Hard Times looks at the impact of the crisis on different types of political action challenging incumbent governments and protesting against austerity policies.

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