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Social Media

How to Engage, Share, and Connect

Regina Luttrell

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Updated to reflect the latest technological innovations and challenges, the fourth edition of Social Media: How to Engage, Share, and Connect helps students understand and successfully use today’s social media tools as PR professionals and personal users.

Regina (Gina) Luttrell presents a thorough history of social media and pioneers of the field within chapters on specific subjects such as content-sharing, crisis communication, ethics, “sticky” social media, and strategic campaigns. This book will become your go-to reference guide for all things social media-related as it applies to public relations and the everyday duties of PR professionals.

Features of the fourth edition include:

  • Chapter objectives and learning outcomes
  • Social Media Expert profiles
  • Theory into Practice boxes
  • #LRNSMPR (Learn Social Media and Public Relations) boxes
  • Comprehensive glossary of terms
  • Coverage of additional social media channels (including Clubhouse and TikTok) and visual content in the social sphere

New appendix with social media guidelines template

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