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Managing Your Band

A Guide to Artist Management

Dave Philp, Steve Marcone

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Managing Your Band: A Guide to Artist Management is your go-to guide for artist management in the new music industry, especially independent artists taking the DIY route. Industry insiders Steve Marcone and Dave Philp tackle the work and knowledge required of an artist manager and band member, focusing on earning revenue from an artist’s three major revenue streams: songwriting and publishing, live performance, and recording. The book investigates the roles of the many industry intermediaries, illustrating how many of today’s artists, including DIY artists, function as their own entertainment companies.

This seventh edition includes updated information for the twenty-first-century artist and manager, including key information on the impacts of COVID-19 on the industry. New sections and chapters include:

  • The twenty-first-century DIY manager
  • The live ecosystem
  • Music publishing
  • Social media
  • Analytics offered by streaming services

Each chapter includes learning objectives, a summary, and suggested projects for course usage.

For access to the free instructor’s manual which includes a sample syllabus and test questions, please email

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