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Inclusive Sponsorship

A Bold Vision to Advance Women of Color in the Workplace

Jhaymee Tynan

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Shows how sponsorship of women of color at work can be transformational, both personally and for organizations looking to increase diversity and representation.

After 17 years in business, Jhaymee Tynan decided it was time to take action and focus her efforts to lift up the next generation of leadership. Inclusive Sponsorship is one of several first steps to provide women of color with powerful stories about women who look just like them and the allies that have been instrumental in sponsoring their careers. This book takes a deep dive into the essence of career sponsorship and how sponsorship has directly moved the needle to increase diversity in senior and C-suite leadership. Inspiring professionals who are looking to better comprehend sponsorship and how to leverage sponsorship to achieve career aspirations, Inclusive Sponsorship is also a battle cry to organizations to implement system resource groups (SRGs), mentoring programs, and initiatives stating that diversity and inclusion is a corporate value. This is a wake-up call for corporations to embrace sponsorship as part of its culture and hold executives accountable for moving women of color into leadership roles.

Tynan explores her personal journey to the executive ranks by sharing an emotional account of navigating the challenges of climbing the corporate ladder. Most importantly, she credits sponsorship as the key to giving her the access and visibility within her organization to get promoted and to live out her career goals. This experience, coupled with her interest and passion to advocate for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) women, were the impetus for launching a global career initiative to sponsor 100 women of color by 2030. For any person or organization looking for ways to elevate BIPOC women into leadership roles, this book offers a guide to success.



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