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Everything Starts with Life

Theories That Limit World Peace

Sunil Kumar

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This book is based on probabilities that can be variable from 0 to 1. This means that the probability of any event mentioned in this book is nil to 100 percent surety. Thus, the people have to accept it as a possibility, and the proof may not be available but can be found by own. Also, in such a case, the person loses the right to question about facts. It is not necessary that everyone loses a life while driving a motorcycle without helmet, even on busy road. If a person is poor, it doesnt mean that he will be good for all. If someone is discriminated against, it doesnt ensure that he will not be biased. If woman is a mother, it doesnt mean she cannot betray. A person may be follower of a holy religion, but he may not think of himself as equal among all. My eyes can see everything in noon, Instead they failed to watch the sun. Lest, they see nothing in dark Yet can watch darkness whole night. I donated for them Those have never been seen. As I hated to care for them, Even they needed me so keen. Though I tried to prey on others peace in whole. During death time I prayed for tranquility of my soul. Being true and correct is not an easy task. A person is bound to live a double standard lifeone for himself, which is sometime unknown to him, and the second is for others, where he pretends while he is revealed without his acknowledgement. This leads to the disturbance of peace among the individuals, and this resonates through their whole lives. This book reveals the reasons that limit the people to accomplish peace.