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The a 'Kempis Connection

Michael A. Kelly

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


When a leading theology professor releases a series of papers set about finding links and influences of secret societies within the worlds Christian religions and political parties, it draws immediate attention from within the Vatican and American government. One such fellowship/secret society he delved into in depth held great interest for some of those examining their contents, for this group was deemed to be wiped out of existence in the middle Dark Ages. The professor, one Jackson MacInness, claimed that they not only currently existed but also still operated clandestinely within many houses of influence throughout the world. Then as a bonus to this news, he also claimed it was said they held control over a huge treasure put into their trust by the Knights Templar when fleeing France. He went on to add that they also were the guardians of the only true personal relics of Christ still on this earthsomething left for mankind that did not leave with him at the time of his ascension into heaven. MacInness is offered the challenge to research and solve the puzzles within the ancient codes that could lead to their recovery. And so, he starts a venture of religious secrecy, unaware of attracting a group of desperadoes with the glint of gold in their eyes.

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thriller, Michael Kelly, religious fiction, Kempis connection, Michael A. Kelly, A' Kempis Connection