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Anchored to Hope: My Time My Story

Fred Isaac Nassif

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This book had me from the very first page. I remember the emotional roller coaster I had to overcome before I had the courage to fight back. There was betrayal at the highest level by the people I less expected. Dropping the ball in life doesnt mean that your old colleagues and friends would stand side by side with you, especially when life decides to bring a little adversity and drama your way. The next thing you know, you wake up one morning and everything is suddenly gone. You ask yourself, Is this reality or just a horrible dream? Growing up, I thought I was untouchable, surrounded by a circle of friends who were talented, inspiring, and successful. On the other end were a new group of people slowly inviting themselves into my life, each one of them I had not met, but somehow, someone had put them there in their positions. I found myself losing control as my journey continued to come crashing in on me. One thing I can say is, I never forgot my roots and values. As each chapter unfolds, you will see how this book intensifies. Forget your favorite TV programs because this book has it all. My business partner and I will take you far beyond the norm. Who is this person that I put my trust in? How far will he go to achieve whatever it was he had planned? Is this man narcissistic, or is he just pure evil? How much can one person take before he finally explodes? Watch and see how this person lures me into countries that are known for their dangerous shoresfrom naval bases to South African embassies, from courtrooms to dungeons, inclusive of two separate trials. See how the media uninvitingly make their presence felt. See the corruption surrounding the police with evidence being falsified. One lesson that I learned about myself after continuously being exposed to things beyond my control was that in life, whatever doesnt kill you will definitely make you stronger.

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