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Point Poems

Richard Dey

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Praise for WESTPORT POINT ? Poems A sailor, commercial fisherman, and published poet, Richard Dey has inhabited the several worlds of Westport Point. He has found love there and the wrenching absence of love. He has become a witness to its seasons. This remarkable gathering is both Deys tribute to this riverine world and an unforgettable account of his Westport passages. Llewellyn Howland III, author of No Ordinary Being: W. Starling Burgess and The New Bedford Yacht Club: A History With experience both as a fisherman and a sailor, Richard Dey represents a unique American voice. For those of us that work and play and identify intimately with small boats, he is our Robert Frost. Dey is the author of clean, powerful, and personal verse about coastal New England life: on the docks, at the tiller, walking the marsh's edge, or gazing in the shed in winter and seeing far more than a boat under a tarp. Richard J. King, series editor of "Seafaring America" and author of The Devil's Cormorant Richard Dey is the laureate of southeastern Massachusetts and its shoreline. He writes with a sturdy New England eloquence and makes poetry from what many of us take for granted: this sandy, rocky coast; the changeable offshore waters; the stubborn, deep-souled people who live and work here. Charles McGrath, former editor of The New York Times Book Review

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