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Soul Consciousness

A New Vision of Community Empowerment and Cultural Transformation

Stephen Vick

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Pädagogik


“This book, these people—these lives—come together to form a loving tribute to all of us in search of deeper meaning, deeper connection, and a deeper sense of wonder. If you read it closely, it will change you.” “Soul Consciousness is a book that will remind you, in this era of political fecklessness and amorality, where our most potent power as a people truly resides.” -Sam Chaltain, Author, “Our School”, Washington DC “Real leadership is transformational! In Soul Consciousness, Vick tells the story of transformational leaders who have learned how to bridge their own soul journeys with the sacred work of empowering others. He shows why we must all be connected to an energy greater than ourselves, and how that energy can help to fuel the brighter world so many of us seek. This book holds the keys to a deeper, more inclusive, and more vibrant world.” -Ryan Lugalia-Hollon, Author, The War on Neighborhoods “This remarkable book offers a blueprint for harnessing the power of community members to enact community change. While many residents, young and old, bend under the weight of deep-seated structural problems, Stephen Vick argues that the answers lie within. Through stories and interviews this book inspires as much as it instructs. A treatise on community empowerment, Soul Consciousness should be required reading for youth workers, community organizers, policy makers, elected officials, and anyone who cares about families and communities.” -Roberto G. Gonzales, Professor of Education, Harvard University and author of Lives in Limbo: Undocumented and Coming of Age in America.



Soul Consciousness