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The Variant Ones

Marryam Palwashay Mian

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Michelle is an average teenager of her time, leading an utterly ordinary life. Shes blessed with a standard lifestyle and a very normal and happy family until one day, her entire world is flipped around. Her habitual life is hit with so much force, it leaves her shook to the roots. She finds out shes not a human being let alone normal. Shes a mythical creature shed laugh at before this horrific daya vampire. Traumatized, Michelle looks back at her life and realizes she had been living a lie all these years. She had always been proud of leading a very normal life, but in reality, her life was nowhere near the usual. Shes not only a vampire but also a savior of some sort, destined to save both the humans and vampires alongside another savior, her soulmate Joe. She had no idea he existed before the truth unveiled itself onto her. Now its up to her to accept the unbinding truth and embrace her destiny if she wants to see the people she loves happy and safe . . .

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