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A Place Called Eden

Debasree Banerjee

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


A Place called Eden is what we all aspire for. Eden is humankind’s collective belief in everything that is bright, beautiful, pure, and innocent; everything that would remain untarnished, no matter what. The raging WW2 embroiled and entangled millions of common people, who sadly neither had much say in the situation, nor possessed the erudition to comprehend what the madness was all about. This book is the story of such next-door protagonists like Kuhlbert, Raymond, Gerta, and Alessandra, who suddenly find themselves motivated to become a part in the deadliest war of human history. They are flawed, nuanced and unsure about the outcome of the war, just as we are, about what is to come tomorrow. A story of love, hatred, delusion, fortitude, selflessness, magnanimity and a lot more, but first and foremost a message of universal hope in our quest for our own Eden…



WW2, World War, hope, reading inspiration, history, love, gratitude