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Tribal Rights in India

Dr Shambhu Prasad Chakrabarty

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Schule und Lernen / Schulbücher Allgemeinbildende Schulen


The world is falling apart. People are forgetting their basic values. Morality and law has parted ways, since some time now. But it was not long when humanity reigned supreme. The world decided to change and the change came at a price. The irretrievable socio economic conditions of the original and aboriginal people of the planet, which grew with the planet itself, had to pay the ultimate price. The systematic annihilation of the third world countries and their resources by the first world has left them only to die the death that follows hunger and starvation. They have been waiting for death. But their spirit and courage and their motivation to survive has led to come out of debris to generate and build great international movements which forced the world to accept the fact that they are the deprived lot and the subjects of violation. World today has a different light to show, the light which leads the way to the new world. The modern civilization and the new world need these people to be part of the whole and not someone different in the struggle to survive the ordeal the future has stored for the human civilization.

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