Brave and Unbroken

The True Story of Survival After Incest and Loss

Cat Caperello, Pennie Saum

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It started with a photograph, a lump and a diagnosis. Like so many other families, hers would never be the same. But her family never was like others... In Brave and Unbroken, Pennie Saum weaves an unforgettable story of sacrifice and hope. Years of being shuffled between army bases left Pennie, her mom, and brother rootless and vulnerable to the manipulations of a truly evil man. Against the odds, Pennie learned to negotiate a childhood filled with a terror no one should know while caring for the only protector she ever had. This heart-wrenching tale illustrates the manipulation and abuse that shaped Pennie as she transitioned from child to mother. Her story shows us how abuse, shame, and silence has the power to echo through generations, but also how with awareness, it can be stopped in its tracks.

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