Origin of Species

Heather Renee

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Book 1 of a new series entitled, MERMAIDBorn and raised on Anna Maria Island, Tessa Wallace is finding it increasingly more difficult to relate to anyoneeven those closest to her. On homecoming night, a traumatic discovery about her childhood sweetheart, coupled with the influence of a beautiful mermaid, compels her to take her own life. But, whenshe throws herself from the Cortez Bridge, she does not expect to re-emerge with super human abilities. But, Tessa soon learns that even super powers can't protect her from the woes of human strife. Heartbreak, death of loved ones, and daily drama must be resolved by the cultivation of inner strength and self-love. Thankfully, her sarcastic wit and positive outlook on life helps her face her darkest fears and uplift others, magically transforming the world around her through her example. Total annihilation from many sources threatens all life on Earth: natural disaster, greed, nuclear warfare, and rivalry between land dwellers and ancient societies beneath the sea. The omnipresent threat of an apocalyptic war drives Tessa to embrace both spiritual and physical evolution as though the fate of the world depends on does...

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