Karma Redirected

How Did They Let You Become a Teacher

Mike Morris

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Karma Redirected: How Did They Let You Become a Teacher is the mostly real memoirs of a mostly real character named Mo Mickus. Through a series of short stories – stories beginning at his birth – Mo's lack of understanding is revealed as he goes from school to school – ten before starting the 11th grade. His dull understanding of all things attributes to Mo's dark side flourishing and he soon launches a war against society - particularly school and his teachers. After a very brief and unpleasant stint in the USAF, Mo encounters a Buddhist life philosophy which helps him to begin changing his life. At age 40 – when life is said to begin – in what appears to be karmic retribution, Mo becomes a middle school teacher. However, he is able to shine a light into his dark side and use what he finds there. He attempts to create value and to help himself and others. Raising his condition of life, Mo leaves the lower worlds to transform his karma – both good and bad – into a mission.

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Humor (Fiction)