The Bangs Man

A Dr. Thomas Russell Story

Robert Simer

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The plan was to quarantine all the cattle in Liberty County. The ranchers would be furious. Doctor Tate needed a warm body to fill a position that nobody wanted. He was willing to take a chance on anyone.

Thomas Russell was graduating from veterinary school in Illinois without a job. His last hope was a resume he sent off to the United States Department of Agriculture. When Tate offered him a chance to work for the USDA in southeast Texas, he jumped. A Yankee in Cajun country soon became a complicated web of love and deceit. From stethoscope and lab coat to Stetson and boots, Thomas is thrust back in time. This is a world where horses, dogs and cattle are all that matter. It's not okay to sit back and watch, and your worth is tied to your work.

Jacob Thibodeaux controlled Liberty County and hated the government's involvement in it. When Thomas falls for his daughter Rachel an enemy is born. When Thomas finds government property stashed in a pipe, his curiosity is piqued. Love, intrigue, fear and failure challenge Thomas' resolve as he became a new man, The Bangs Man.

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