Black History

A Dream I Had

DeJuan Cuffee

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Wouldn't it be cool for kids (or adults) to learn about Black history in a cool way, that grabs your attention? With dazzling wordplay and stunning visuals? Well, prepare to be wowed as soon as you open the pages to this book.

Black History: A Dream I Had is a spectacular poetry book for all ages, kids and grownups alike, that delivers the Black history experience in a fun, educational, engaging, and entertaining way.

Each poem is written about a significant individual figure in Black history and is accompanied by a bright beautiful illustration of that person. Every poem is gracefully crafted with a hip-hop flow giving you a brief rundown on some of the individual's accomplishments, contributions, and achievements, just enough to leave the audience thirsty for more.

Black History: A Dream I Had is the second book under the Black Sultan Productions moniker. For some this book will serve as a reminder of our history and the great achievements by these amazing people, for others it will be an introduction to these wonderful human beings, and for all it can be a great conversation piece, that entices you to dig deeper and find out more about each person discussed in this book.

Dare to be entertained and enlightened.

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